Another reason why you should never trust your local news

Wow the latest Banksy is extremely rude

Wow the latest Banksy is extremely rude

The Subtle, Worst Thing About Social Media

The worst thing about social media are the timestamps. Tiny, little reminders of how fast time and life is passing us by.

  • WOW - I tweeted that 7 hours ago?
  • Whoa that picture was from 32 weeks ago?
  • Wut. That Facebook album was from 2009?

This post already a minute old.


Why New Yorkers Sometimes Come Off As Assholes

There is so much going on in New York, every block is its own city, full of coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores and more. Every street has amazing architecture and different people and more signs than you could ever want to read.

If the average New Yorker were to look up and pay attention to these things on their way home/to work it could take them hours to get there. And while many new New Yorkers do this when they first arrive move there, eventually they get numb to their surroundings and just want to get home (or to work) and ignore their surroundings.

I’ve caught myself multiple times speed walking and splitting families and their young children before I snapped out of it and realized I was “in the zone” on my walk home.

These are all some of the many reasons why New Yorkers are perceived as jerks, but we really aren’t - we just want to get where we need to be.

Stop any New Yorker and ask a question and most of us are proud to help you out with your directions or whatever it is you want.

So next time you think a New Yorker was an asshole to you, just remember that they probably have a Fresh Direct order being delivered and they need to get home before the guy gets there.

A Quick Case For A Lifetime Avatar

Twitter should only allow for you to upload one avatar and that’s it.

That’s you, for now until forever on Twitter. If you want a new picture, tough luck, you gotta create a new account.

There have been times where people have changed their avatars and it has been absolutely devastating for their followers. The usual reaction is “when did I start following this person?” So why even put them through this? Why ruin the user experience for everyone?

So, when Twitter does change this policy (which I know they will since they read this weblog) you can thank me because it is the best for all of us. 

How To Properly Retweet A #joke

Most of us on Twitter have nothing in our lives but our tweets. The favs and retweets you give us keep us going during the day and give us a reason to wake up in the morning.

So when you decide to manually retweet

Or quote tweet

Or retweet with comment (if you REALLY need to say something retweet it and then give us your response directly)

Or feel the need to mention your friends so they can see it (this is what the retweet button was made for)

Then just know that you are killing us inside.

Slowly, but surely. We are dying.

So please - next time you see something funny on twitter, just push this button.

We will love you so much more for it.

The Unfortunate/Fortunate Goal

When you are small, you are forced to self-promote (which is the worst)


and so on.

It sucks, it really does. This can take years, and every time you tell someone to look at something you did, a little bit of you dies inside.

Hopefully however — if you are any good, you will eventually build a follower base. Through time, this base will grow, and the (unfortunate) self-promotion can stop since you’ll have other people doing it for you.

You’ll feel a lot better — and your work will reflect it now that you can let others do the talking for you (and about you).

PS - Since you are probably wondering - yes, it killed me to tweet this.


Typically, there are two types of checkout situations you will encounter in a marketplace. The first consists of a single line, where you file in and go to an open register in order of arrival, rewarding whoever arrived there first. The second type is where there are multiple registers open and you have to pick your line, leaving it up to years of line picking experience to determine if you will check out faster than someone else who may have even arrived there before you.

Which system is better? Do we reward time or do we reward skill?

While most people will argue that time basis is better (mostly because of the “respect your elders” principle in that if you arrived to checkout first you get rewarded), I tend to lean towards the second scenario, where having more skill than another person brings you the spoils of exiting a store faster.

With years of experience in judging cashiers and the people waiting in each line, I can safely say I am in the top 3% of checkouters in the world in terms of STAR (Speed To Actual Register).

Your Probable/Unprobably Friends

I have this working theory where your childhood friendships aren’t as much a component of common interest (this, more as you got older) as much as they are what your last name happens to be. Teachers organizing seating charts based on alphabetical order + multiple classes together ended up forging these relationships.

So think back about your elementary, middle and high school friends. How close to your last name was theirs?

On Losing Followers

Should you be sad if someone unfollows you? Should you be especially sad if that someone was someone you really wanted to follow you? Or someone *famous* who had followed you that maybe came from a great tweet you did, only to not be into your tweets and leave. Should you say something? Should you ask them why they unfollowed?

The answer to all of this is no. Just be yourself. It’s ok that you weren’t what they expected and it’s ok that they left.

You aren’t going to be for everyone, and that’s ok.

Definitely My Best Tweet Ever

The Proper Way To Use LinkedIn

  1. Setup an account
  2. Fill it up with resume information
  3. Do you have a job? Stop using LinkedIn until you need one.
  4. Are you looking for a job? Browse listings and apply.
  5. Don’t do anything else on LinkedIn unless you need a job.
Robert De Necko

Robert De Necko

What comes to mind every time I hear the name “Frank Ocean”

What comes to mind every time I hear the name “Frank Ocean”